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There is plenty of room for both practitioners and scholars in the deep field of outer space law. Currently, on Planet Earth, outer space law is a literal and figurative vacuum. A vacuum is a space without any matter. There is literally almost nothing to space law as it has developed to-date on Earth. Earth-based outer space law must be developed and developed pronto, because as space technologies and businesses are increasing exponentially.

There is a current need for a fully-functioning legal system for space law, but legal philosophers and scholars have only begun to recognize the need. Development and refinement will require decades of work. This is not the case for advanced civilizations in other star systems, giving rise to many issues and problems of comparative law for scholars and philosophers to analyze and address. Law schools will need professors in outer space law, and textbooks, articles, and white papers will need authors. You can invent your own niche or build your own intergalactic outpost. You can make intergalactic law what you believe it should be. The demand is here; the future is now.

As an intergalactic lawyer, your opportunities will range from the pedestrian to out-of-this-world. Literally every lawyer on planet Earth will need to know something about outer space law to properly advise their clients. The need for consideration and analysis of outer space law is as endless as the Universe. Join the Intergalactic Bar Association today and don’t miss out on the clients who need your help. Join the Intergalactic Bar Association today and don’t miss out on the profitability of serving those who can afford space travel! Live your dreams by learning about space law and becoming an intergalactic lawyer. Know the future.

Association membership is open to savvy and forward-thinking lawyers, judges, professors, and students.

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Benefits of Membership

Association membership entitles you to all of the privileges and benefits that membership signifies, both on Earth and throughout the Universe. As a member, you will receive a beautiful, personalized recognition homepage on the Intergalactic Bar Association website. Your personal page will allow a prospect that is searching for a space lawyer to easily find you, and will also serve as verification of your space law credentials for your new clients.

Each and every quarter, you will receive a members-only report that will keep you ahead of your peers. Our reports strive to provide practical information about space law and future technologies, and how you can profit from them.

You will have the opportunity to connect with other space lawyers, both on Earth and throughout the galaxy, for discussion, philosophy, mentoring, and the sharing of innovative ideas for client service.

Let your clients know you are serious about the future.