Our Mission

The Intergalactic Bar Association was organized on Earth to prepare Earth lawyers, judges, professors, and students of the law for practice in a post-terrestrial legal world. The Association pursues the following principles:

  • To form a nucleus of the universal community of lawyers, judges, professors, and students of the law without any distinction of birth star nor any terrestrial distinctions.
  • To encourage the study of the philosophy and law of outer space and to foster scholarship and dialogue on the interactions between the laws of different star systems.
  • To foster universal legal ethics and professionalism.
  • To investigate and develop all of the laws of the Universe to achieve substantial justice for all life forms, and to reform all of the unexplained laws of the Universe.

Our primary goal is to empower and educate our membership and to connect them with the resources they need for the intergalactic practice of law.

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