The NEW plaques have been released for the “Greatest Lawyers in the Galaxy.” A hand picked group of attorneys have been selected to join the Intergalactic Bar Association and receive this recognition.

Recognition as Greatest Lawyers in the Galaxy indicates that the lawyer has the skill, legal acumen, and fortitude to have earned the title.

Many have already contacted the Intergalactic Bar Association to be considered. If you are a lawyer licensed as an attorney and wish to join the Intergalactic Bar Association and be considered call (321) 821-6873 or email

The Intergalactic Bar is planet Earth’s premier community of attorneys dedicated to developing and improving the law of outer space.  Benefits of membership currently include:

  • Greatest Lawyers in the Galaxy; Seal for Your Website
  • Custom Profile with the Intergalactic Bar’s Online Worldwide Directory
  • Link-Back to Your Website
  • Exclusive Quarterly Report on Key Developments in the Law and Business of Outer Space
  • Exclusive Online Chat Rooms for Discussing Space Law with Intergalactic Colleagues
  • Potential Referrals from Intergalactic Colleagues
  • Beautiful “Greatest Lawyers in the Galaxy” Recognition Plaque
  • and more…